Supervision for Supervisors

Walking our talk.

Supervisors need supervision too.  Granted we may have the training to know how to self-coach, how to reflect and we probably have a good support network who will help us chew things over. Is that enough?  For some supervisors it will be. However, others will recognise that there is no better way to demonstrate our commitment to the process of supervision than to be in supervision ourselves. We all have the potential to role model behaviours that signal what professionalism in an un-regulated market looks like. We engage in supervision not because we have to, but because it serves us to.

I hold my role as a supervisor of other supervisors both tightly and lightly.  As a fellow helping practitioner, I know how rare it is for someone else to hold the space for you.  I will wear that responsibility tightly, so that you have your space …. where there is no need to edit, to “effort” or to be anyone other than who you genuinely are… right here, right now. I will bring myself lightly to what I regard as a collegiate space. My last supervisor once said to me, “When we work together, I feel like I’m talking to one of my peers not a supervisee”.  I felt simultaneously accepted and honoured – I was seen. It’s my hope that this is how people will feel when I supervise them.

We offer the following services, delivered online unless agreed otherwise:


Reviewing your work in depth; developing congruence between espoused style and actual practice.  Encouraging specific developmental focus to facilitate authenticity and mastery.


For Coach Supervisors building their supervision practice and who want to place specific attention to the supervision process

Flexible Membership Group Supervision

Reviewing your supervision case work, actively experiencing and exploring group dynamics and sharing knowledge with other supervisors

Fixed Membership Group Supervision

Active supervisors seeking a collaborative space to facilitate greater acuity to material sitting on the edge of their awareness.  Exploratory & experimental.

Regular Reflective Practice Space

Joining a community where you will have access to a diverse range of reflective prompts (which will appeal to different processing styles) and a protected space for your independent reflection

I have been part of a Supervision of Supervision (SOS) group with Michelle and fellow supervisors for a number of years. The space is professional, systemic, spiritual and surprising. Being part of this group, supervised by Michelle is a very valuable part of my practice.
Pamela Fay, Executive Coach, Tutor and Supervisor

Michelle’s thoughtful contracting and calm facilitation creates a safe space to dive into our problems quickly despite the changing shape of each group.
Liam Moore, Learning & Development Lead and Coaching Supervisor