Supervision for Coaches

The oxygen mask principle.

Coaching can be a lonely profession. No-one is else is there when you are working with your client. In order to support your clients, you must first attend to your self – this is the oxygen mask principle. Supervision provides a safe reflective space to review your work. At greenfields we do not hold judgement on whether you are directive or non-directive, technique focused or emergent in your approach. Our goal is to help you achieve congruency between the articulation of your model of coaching and how you deliver it. As we work together on your own developmental, ethical and restorative issues we will help ensure that the client is never too far from your mind. You can be assured of the quality of our work as Michelle is an Accredited Master Coach Supervisor with the Association for Coaching. She also won the 2021 Global Award for Supervision from the EMCC.

We offer the following services, delivered online unless agreed otherwise:


Helpful to review your work in depth


Designed for coaches building their business or practitioners where coaching is a small part of their portfolio

Flexible Membership Group Supervision

Helpful to reduce the sense of professional isolation through sharing experiences

Fixed Membership Group Supervision

Offers a sense of continuity over time, enabling the group to engage with deep development work

Advanced Group Supervision

A thematic and more deliberately self-centred approach to supervision, designed for experienced coaches (Master Level or equivalent) who believe that “self” is the primary instrument of coaching

Research Focused Group Supervision

Each year we use the real experience of supervision to help answer a research question. Participants will engage in regular group supervision (not recorded) and then a facilitated discussion (recorded).

Team Coaches Group Supervision

Reflecting the complexity of assignments, this unique configuration is designed for pairs of coaches who deliver together.

Regular Reflective Practice Space

Join a community where you will have access to a diverse range of reflective prompts (which will appeal to different processing styles) and a protected space for your independent reflection

Michelle’s supervision was brilliant – practical and professional support to help push and stretch me to develop my coaching and my business, just what I wanted.

Michelle’s groups help me notice what I have not noticed for myself, and I feel inspired and refreshed, never embarrassed, for not seeing this before.
DM, Accredited Executive Coach.