Executive Coaching

Personal Focus. Business Impact.

Coaching in organisations has one subtle but important difference to coaching private individuals. There are two “clients”. The first is the person who will be in the coaching chair, the second is the organisational sponsor for the coaching. This means we need to have a common understanding of what confidentiality will look like and we also need to agree how much or how little the sponsor will be involved in the coaching programmes. We offer the following:

Executive coaching:

Designed for senior leaders and professionals.

Personal Focus: Dedicated “time out” to explore personal and professional goals, build resilience and confidence, navigate the political landscape, improve stakeholder relationships and manage team performance.

Business Impact: Clarity; Focus; Delivery.

Career coaching:

Designed for those rated as
hi-potential or “Talent”.

Personal Focus: Understanding career motivation, individual strengths and development needs. Working proactively to shape career paths that engage the individual for today and the future.

Business Impact: Right people, right place; Talent Pipeline; Engagement

Regular Reflective Practice Space

Come together to reflect alone

Personal Focus: A protected space for you to work with a diverse range of reflective prompts that will help you pause and to consider how you want to be in your world

Business Impact: Thoughtful leadership; thoughtful followers.

Your coaching (and importantly the setting of my personal priorities) really helped me. My career in the bank has taken off in the last few years but it was the calm you gave me when I had competing priorities. I didn't panic.
MB, Corporate Credit, HSBC Plc.